Love is the second station of advent, so my next poem is about Christmas love. Love is patient, love is kind; love doesn’t pick fights! Most people dread the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings because you’ll have to be around and probably forced to interact with family members; I think that’s stupid. Yes, your family is crazy and weird, but they’re still your family! Besides, they put up with you, don’t they? In light of family love, here’s my next poem:

Snowflakes fall and coat the ground;

Children laugh and run around.

Christmas Eve is almost here;

Sit round the fire and recount the year.

Good perhaps but hardship for sure–

We could all use a Christmas adventure.

Love fills the heart of everyone,

From small to big and old to young.

Christmas comes at dawn’s first light,

Filling every soul with sweet delight.


What did you think?

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