Christmas Thoughts

Christmas is so commercialized nowadays, it can get in the way of the true meaning of Christmas. It isn’t about getting that red-rover bicycle your son really wants, or that poops-a-lot doll your daughter has her eye on; no, it’s no even about the laptop you’ve been anxious to get. Christmas is about Jesus Christ, Ruler of all we know and all we don’t, the one who came out of a womb like a normal baby, even though he was anything but normal. He lived a normal childhood with his parents, Joseph and Mary, and went through everything that we have and will. He had to learn to talk–no, wait. Think about that more deeply for a minute: the King of the Nations, the Lord of all creation, Jesus Christ Himself had to be taught how to make coherent sentences! Not only did he have to learn how to talk, walk, and eat with a fork, but he had to go through puberty like the rest of us! The Son of God humbled Himself through being born in a manger, sleeping with the cows, being doubted as an unusually-brilliant child, living a normal human life, and dying a painful, slow, bloody death on a cross! Half of us wouldn’t even do that for our children or spouse, let alone rebellious and careless human beings. When we read stories about the heroes and villains, good vs. evil, we usually imagine ourselves–in that circumstance–as the hero or heroine, but in reality, that is far from the truth. We would be the slanderers, the liars, the murderers. We would be the evil that consumes every heart with a burning hatred. We would deserve–we do deserve to die….but Jesus decided that he would do the unthinkable–I really like his brilliant ideas!–and come to this retched earth to save our sorry souls. And he did successfully, and now, like Ephesians 2:18 says, “For through Him (Jesus) we both (Gentiles and Jews) have access in one spirit to the Father“. So we have access to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and ultimately God the Father even though we did nothing to deserve it. So I say: Jesus is the coolest, most awesome, most brilliant person that has and ever will walk this earth! 


What did you think?

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