Post-Christmas Thoughts

Christmastime is over. The kids are playing with their new toys. You’re still fiddling with that electronic thing that you got from your tech-savvy grandmother. You’re pretty sure it’s broken, but you don’t want her to know that….

There are after Christmas sales to attend, Christmas trees and such to buy in advance, and lots of candy to be eaten. In the big Christmas rush, people tend to lose sight of  what this blessed holiday is all about: love. But just because the season is over and the excitement is fading, doesn’t mean that you have to lose sight of the truth. Sara Barielles, a singer, sang a song titled, “Love is Christmas”. It’s very true, love is Christmas. But love should be in everything else too. It isn’t necessary to lock love in a box and keep it in the attic until Christmastime again. We should love now, love tomorrow, and evermore. “For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten SON, that who so ever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” In light of Christ’s great love for us, we too should love.

He didn’t have to love us. No one forced his hand. No one said, “it would be nice if you had mercy on those idiots down on earth,”. No, no. GOD didn’t have to love us, didn’t have to come down in the form of a stupid little skin-veiled babe. No He didn’t! And yet He did. and that is why we should love always.


What did you think?

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