Shopping Cart

This poem is not very traditional, but my other poems aren’t really, either. I was asked to write a poem with the subject “shopping cart” by a good friend of mine. It was definitely different, but I sat down straight away and began this next poem. I hope it is enjoyed!

I came to the store to buy groceries–
And yet I found nothing to eat.
It was absurd and sad,
It made me quite mad.
O how I craved for some meat!
There was nothing in sight for groceries,
But I got a shopping cart anyway.
To scour for some food,
And end my foul mood;
O what a terrible day.
My shopping cart was useless:
It wouldn’t seem to move.
I pried and I shoved,
Till at last I gave up–
It seemed to be stuck in a groove.

What did you think?

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