When I’m Ready

Send the angels ahead to cry his praise

Forever let creation raise

A glorious song to the Lord Most High

Who with His blood my soul did buy

His glories shine bright and white-hot

Who in this world could not

Wish to sing in His presence forever

The glory of this Heavenly Treasure

His love and mercies never end

Who would not stoop to bend

A knee to bow before the King

And forever let His praises ring

The kindness of our Lord and Savior

Giving love forever and ever

To us lowly, loveless sinners

Who deserve to die as such

He saved us with a dying breath

Eternally rescuing us from death

And bringing back our lowly souls

From hell’s deep depths and knolls

Now He sits on a throne of glory

In the sky, high above me

He’ll stay there till He comes to get me

When he decides that I am ready


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