Light of Deliverence

“Do you see it?” he asked one day.

“See what, dear fellow?” was my reply.

“That ball of light, just down the way;

How nice it is,” he said with a sigh.

I looked onward but could see naught

But darkness and people crying out.

My dear friend quite eagerly sought

To make me see past the darkest shroud

That kept me from the little light

Of which he was so terribly fond.

In that realm it was always night,

For we were all prisoners of bond

Where voiceless people cry in vain

And the trees bend in the silent breeze.

Upon our hands are scarlet stains

From improper moments that we seized.

I had never yet seen a light,

But my little friend was still convinced.

And his fine spirit soon took flight,

Despite my solid indifference.

So he pointed in front of me,

Until I was filled with annoyance.

Then in some lovely, great degree,

I saw the Light of Deliverance!


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