Harold Heard The Hounds

This is another great little suggestion from my great little friend! I hope you all enjoy it immensely!

Harold kept on running,
Through the forest and the field.
His pursuers were quite cunning
But Harold would not yield.
His goal was yonder river,
Where a vessel lie in wait.
The weather made him shiver;
His pursuers were irate.
Then Harold heard the hounds
His pursuers had released.
Such angry, vicious sounds
Came from the hairy beasts.
Harold made it to the river,
But the boat was sailing on.
He cried for it with vigor,
But the vessel was long gone.
Harold was alone,
And the shadows fell right then.
The hounds began to hone
His hidden location.
So he took some lengthy vines,
And he made them into rope.
He climbed into the pines
And he saw a glimpse of hope.
His pursuers came with stones,
Guns, and even swords,
But Harold left them in bones,
Shouting silent, without words.
And when Harold made it home,
He took a good long nap.
And swore he wouldn’t roam
That far again without a map.

What did you think?

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