The glow of the campfire warms your cheeks.

It pops and sizzles, sending embers flying.

The laughter round the camp fills your ears;

The beat of your heart is the only music.

The talk slows and you stare at the flames

You are hypnotized by its warm, rich color.

The rhythm of your breath begins to slow.

The sky above darkens, black to deeper black.

The world is slow and you are tired;

Your eyes start to droop and almost flutter shut.

You feel a cruel, unnamed emotion;

All you hear is blood rushing as your heart breaks.

Why are there tears spilling down your cheeks?

The campfire’s lonely flickering haunts you.

It’s alone, the flame by itself;

Perhaps that is why you feel so heartbroken:

You are surrounded by nice people….

But sometimes you feel like you are alone, too.


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