Growing Up

Growing up…that’s a really hard thing to do. It’s frustrating, uncontrollable, and just really weird. Sometimes you feel as if you’re torn between the world of the child and the world of the adult. And, really, you are. But there can be solid ground in-between the two, if you can find it. But finding it can seem so impossible at the time.

Sometimes I’m so happy, it’s unnatural. I laugh at every little thing and no one else understands–except for the generous people who give you a complimentary chuckle! But even though it’s not funny to anyone else, it’s funny to me (and I guess that’s all that really matters!)

Sometimes I get angry–way more angry than I would if it were a normal day. I can see bad attitudes even when they’re hidden, but there’s no incriminating proof of it and I only end up being more and more frustrated. It can make you feel so low and helpless, then you burst into tears and can’t seem to stop.

It’s when your heart is aching for no apparent reason, and when you want to strangle a friend over something stupid, when God chooses those moments to work on your heart. A very wise man once told me that Jesus purifies us like gold, putting chunks of coal in our pot to make our gold shinier. I totally didn’t do that justice but oh well! :P

The LORD also uses the people around us, like  our family and friends, to encourage us. I have so many wonderful, faithful people with me who are willing to help. Sometimes I need to be cradled, and sometimes I need to be slapped…by the grace of God, they can do both! I am abundantly thankful to Jesus, and extremely hopeful for the future. Only he can get me fully into the adult world unscathed. (Although, really, who arrives without scars?) But scars can be good too. In my opinion, scars are lessons. God can use our mistakes and the cruel things done to us to teach us all a lesson. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. :D


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