The Happiest Girl Alive

I see him and I’m nervous; 

Quaking, shaking, filled with excitement. 

He comes toward me and I flinch. 

All at once, I don’t know what to say. 

He is wonderful and lovely. 

Standing, smiling, gazing at me. 

Oh, how his dark eyes twinkle, 

Looking like the white stars above us. 

A smile curves on his lips; 

They are pinkish pale and wonderful. 

I blurt out something so stupid, 

I am wanting to disappear. 

But he just laughs and smiles,  

And makes me happy once again. 

Soon we’re talking like old friends 

And I can’t recall being nervous. 

I never thought we’d be like this, 

Sharing in something I will miss. 

Because I’ll miss this quite soon 

And it will haunt me in all my dreams. 

Soon he’s gone, all far away 

But I’ll remember him and our words. 

On the way home and as we drive: 

I’m the happiest girl alive.