Sweet Summer Stories

She’s still so small, but wants to read

So she makes up stories on the bed.

She’s oh so tired and falls asleep;

There in my arms rests her little head.

I  go and she opens her eyes.

And wakes from a mid-summer nightmare.

She’s sees I’m gone and starts to cry,

Her head a crown of thick golden hair.

She says, “Mommy, please come back here.”

I laugh and kiss her little blond head.

“I have to go. I love you, dear.”

I say sweetly, then send her to bed.

She gets back down and starts to bawl;

I stand at the door and watch her crawl;

She follows as I walk the hall.

My husband laughs, amused by it all.

I roll my eyes and pick her up

As he laughs, his dark eyes aglitter,

Then put her in the bed with us

And tell him, “Next time, you go with her.”

He kisses my mouth and her head,

Tells her a story till she’s asleep,

Then settles deep into the bed

And into sweet peace we take the leap.


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