If I was a bird, I’d fly away–

I’d go to Japan and there stay.

I’d make a nest and smile on down,

Atop a tree with soft green boughs.

If I was small, I’d follow you;

I’d come with all my feathers blue.

If I was brave, I’d come along.

I’d come to you with sweetest song.

If I could fly, I’d be your wife;

I’d follow you through hell and strife.

I cannot come but you must go.

No matter what, this you must know:

I shall be yours eternally;

My dear, you must return to me.

I know you’ll go and save a life;

You leaving me is like a knife.

I’ll wait, wait, wait….

Come back soon but do your duty.

Kiss me, tell me that you love me.

I need to hear those words once more;

The plane will leave, I’ll watch it soar.

I’ll keep you deep within my heart,

And try not to just fall apart.

I’ll pray that you are safe and sound,

For you and I are always bound.

I’ll wait, wait, wait….

You’ll haunt me in my dreams till then;

I’ll shut my eyes and count to ten–

And maybe it won’t be so bad.

Maybe this will not make us sad.

But the sorrow is sinking deep,

And all I want to do is weep.

I’ll wait, wait, wait….

You are my life, my only love–

One sent to me from high above.

This mountain that we climb’s so steep;

I want to just fall down and sleep.

I beg for all this pain to end,

For both these broken hearts to mend.

I’ll wait, wait, wait….

Without you, all I’ll feel is numb;

The coldness there without your hum.

I’ll hear your voice riding the wind,

And see you just around the bend.

Goodbye, my love; please take good care;

I will call you once you get there.

In every crowd I’ll see your face;

Without you I’ll feel out of place.

I see this scene through shattered glass;

Alone with you though people pass.

This wound is like a busted vein;

Upon my lips this sad refrain:

I’ll wait, wait, wait….


2 thoughts on “Bluebird

  1. Thank you so much! :) There are some concepts, some situations that capture my attention and I feel rather restless if I don’t address them. This was one of those situations. I imagined that I was young girl, perhaps 18, who was in love with a man who was in the military. The scene happens on the day he leaves for Japan, where he’s stationed. It’s about this poor girl’s struggle to maintain her faith and be strong. :)


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