As a mother, you are quite responsible;

As a chef, you are a pro.

You are comfort summed up in one syllable.


You are such a kind person and lovely friend;

I am your carbon copy. ;)

You are a shelter in the cold bitter wind.


You are so generous and gifted and wise;

Won’t let me push you away.

You encourage and help with my meager tries.


As a friend, you are the best out of them all;

We are much closer than most.

You are a hand to hold when I start to fall.


I hope your life is sweet, ripe, and filled with love,

And you get a Camaro.

Even that is not half of what you deserve.


You’ve given so much for us and now I see;

You are kind to do these things.

I was small and pale and yet you did love me.


I hope you know what you mean to me, us all;

Life is short, so live it long,

Till He takes us with Him to His hallowed halls.


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