Dearest April, 


I miss you with my every breath; 

I can’t get you out of my head. 

I wish that you could come and see 

Japan’s great expanse and beauty. 

You are with me in every dream; 

My dear, how you sparkle and gleam! 

I wish you were here with me now 

So that I could show you the town; 

I would take you to every club, 

Down the street and up to the pub; 

My friends are dying to meet you, 

This beauty I managed to woo. 

I hope that work isn’t too hard, 

You have fun but stay on your guard. 

I can’t stand to see you in pain; 

I see your tears in all this rain.

Without you, I’m only a half;

I wish that I could hear your laugh. 

You’re my beautiful stars and moon;

I hope that I will see you soon.

There are no guarantees in life,

But I want you to be my wife.

You are everything in my world,

You wonderful, kind gypsy girl.

Stay faithful as I am to you;

Together we will make it through.

Without you, I think I might drown;

I feel like I’m letting you down

By leaving you there all alone;

The fault is completely my own. 

I hope that our love will grow strong,

From all of the things we do wrong.

I hope that you never let go

Of things only you and I know.

And I hope most of all that you

Know that all of my love’s for you.


Write soon,



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