I wake up and I am blinded;

The sun, a glaring enemy,

Reaches its burning fingers down

To touch this small, shivering soul.

I stumble away from the place,

Moved by terror and by surprise.

Each footstep makes my head hurt worse.

Last night is just a hazy blur;

I recall laughter, dancing, smiles.

My memory is a black smudge. 

People I do not know greet me.

Their faces are bathed in shadow,

Mirages of a past nightmare.

Someone calls out, cursing my name;

I reply but don’t sound like me.

As I pass there are giggles, glares;

What the hell did I do last night?

I lick my lips and taste whiskey;

I know that wasn’t all I drank.

I notice that my clothes are soaked;

One whiff and I know what it is.

I wince and go to the bathroom;

I try to wash the stench away.

There’s a person in the mirror

That looks nothing at all like me;

There are bruises under the eyes,

Cuts on the swollen purple lips.

I leave and grab my pounding head;

The pain is familiar but cruel.

My vows to stop drinking, broken,

Lie stricken on the ground that spins,

Like a haunted merry-go-round.


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