Did I do something wrong?

Are you mad at me?

I didn’t think we fought;

I can’t remember.

You and I were so close,

Laughing in your house.

What happened to all that?

It had been so long,

Then when you showed up there,

You just ignored me.

My sister got a hug,

And I got nothing.

Have I offended you?

I apologize.

I wish we could be close,

Like back in the day.

We had some lovely times,

But like a shadow

In the pale morning light,

They have disappeared.

I will say “I’m sorry”

A thousand times more

If it will mend what’s broke;

I’ll do anything.

How will I do without?

Please don’t ignore me.

I’m haunted by your face,

Marked by this heartache,

Broken by echoed words

Of our shattered past.

Please tell me there is hope,

That we might yet heal.

Don’t let us fade to black;

Fix us with your words.

Tell me it’s a mistake;

You didn’t mean it.

Hold my hand and let’s walk;

You can show me hope.

Are you just my present,

My past or future?

Please say yes, the future.

I’m losing it here.

Do not let me die

Without knowing truth.

Give me a straight answer,

Look me in the eye.

Tell me it’s not over,

Give me peace at last.


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