The Wedding Argument


What shall you do, my sweet darling?

Just smile and follow me?

Would you dance among the willows,

And hide among the trees?

Would you whisper things about me,

And lead me by the hand,

Through many a darkened alley,

Into a foreign land?

Would you rather be my husband,

Than a rich, careless Lord?

Would you rather hold my hand and

Be hunted by the sword?

I can give you love and children,

But money I cannot.

Is this how you would live your life,

Without all that you’ve got?

You say that you dearly love me,

And I know that it’s true;

But I’ll not have you abandon,

The life that’s meant for you.

Your manners are those of a Prince,

Your kindness is a joy;

But you cannot just walk away,

You foolish, love-struck boy.


Stop talking like it’s so hopeless;

You know full well it’s not.

I cannot just give up on us,

And let our true love rot!

Money is a cruel trickster,

Safety is such a curse.

Without you I’ll be much richer,

But I will feel much worse.

Let us run away to Sherwood,

And build a little home.

All I need is you beside me,

And I’ll get up to go.

Don’t leave me in the dark wastelands,

Of a world without you.

So promise that you won’t leave me,

And let us pass on through.


You’re a charismatic angel

Who flatters me with lines;

But can you face the wilderness,

Survive among the pines?


For you, I would do anything;

You are my heart and soul.

Without you I am just nothing,

As sightless as a mole.

Don’t tell me we couldn’t make it;

Just teach me and we will.

I am ready to start learning;

It should be quite a thrill.


You foolish angelic hero,

You terrible young Prince.

You think that you know suffering,

But what have you learned hence?

The answer is quite simply, “No.”

Don’t ask to come again.

Goodbye forever, my dear one;

Please don’t try to fight it.


I won’t accept this decision;

I will take this new life.

Even though it will be quite hard,

I’ll take you as my wife.

Let me love you.


My heart will not allow you to,

Not with all you’d give up….

But I suppose I’ll allow it,

If you promise to stay.


I promise that I’ll always stay,

And not abandon you.

Upon this ring I swear my love,

And promise to be true.


I love you.


I love you, too.


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