Bombs in the Air

The children don’t know; 

They don’t understand the weight of what’s happening. 

Do I even know? 

This is all so foreign and to me and frightening. 

What can I do now? 

The bombs are in the air; all we can do is watch. 

I feel the silence; 

Our hearts hollow out and our troubled souls erode. 

I hear explosions; 

Bits of hopes and dreams, floating on air with the ash. 

I’m so very cold; 

The poison spreads like the plague, quick and unbiased. 

Four small words caught, stuck, 

In my throat like yesterday’s lunch, nigh forgotten. 

We hit the pavement; 

Run, like there’s no tomorrow ’cause there might not be. 

Hope is black and white; 

All I see is blood and guts and desperation. 

Get out of here! 


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