The beauty in life that I’ve found,

After going around and around,

Is simple and true

In the pale light blue

Of gleaming in your eyes.

The grass is its greenest when you

Are talking of things we could do.

You make me light up–

I can’t get enough

Of the love that comes from you.

The sky is all gray when you’re gone;

All the good things seem to be done.

But then you come home,

And I’m not alone;

You’re what keeps me going.

In the darkness I hear your heart;

It’s telling me we’re not apart.

This love that I feel,

I know that it’s real.

You and I are entwined.

And in years when we’re old and gray,

You’ll look at me in that same way;

And give me a kiss,

And hug our grandkids;

We will never say die.


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