Letting Go of What’s Lost

“With his sandpaper tongue he came,

And rubbed my feet with his fur.

He purred deep within his dark chest,

And only asked for my love.

He found me in the fields of grass,

And would chase me like the sun.

He protected me from the dogs,

And howled in pain if I bled.

The connection between us two

Was like a mighty river:

Much deeper than you would expect,

And stronger than you might think.

In the morning we played fondly,

And cuddled in the sunshine.

For lunch I poured my dear some milk,

And he thanked me with a kiss.

We walked in the blooming garden

And he chased the butterflies.

He would trip among the roses,

Making laughter fill my mouth.”

I smile at the thought of him,

So happy, free, and wild.

“I tucked him into bed at night,

And stroked his blackish fur coat.

His midnight prowl was just a game,

Entertainment for my dreams.

He was always my protector,

A strong and valiant creature.

The world will spin without him here,

The ocean keep on flowing,

But my world seems dark without him

And I don’t know what to do.”

The lump in my throat is still there,

So I give into the tears.

My Mama comforts me warmly,

But she cannot heal my wounds.

I spend days in my darkened room,

Reminded of my great loss.

Mama, her face glad and cheery,

Takes me for a long, long drive.

Finally she stops; my face lifts

And I see a bright building

Filled with animals of all breeds,

With fur soft as velvet cloth.

Mama leads me into the place

And points to a little pup.

“What about that one, my dearest?

Isn’t she adorable?”

I nod and gently scoop her up;

She barks in a small, sweet voice.

I smile a bit despite myself,

And find myself quite in love.

A few hours later she’s mine,

And I have named her Lily.

We play among the fields of grass,

And cuddle in the sunshine.

I keep a picture of him close,

In a locket on my neck.

But Lily is my keeper now,

And she is just as good.


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