I Used to Dream of Falling

I used to dream of falling.

Slipping off the edge of a tall building.

Hitting the ground with a thud and all going black.

It was my constant nightmare.

The reminder that I am mortal.

The reminder that life is short but can be sweet.

I used to dream of falling.

I held a hand but they let me go.

I woke up gasping, feeling like I had just died.

It seems I was dead too long.

The name Renee, my name, means reborn.

I’ve died a thousand times but I always come back.

Once I dreamed of falling.

I would call out but no one would hear.

And everything I had was lost, ’cause I was dead.

I used to dream of falling.

Of fraying at the edges slowly.

Of losing myself in the chaos of dreaming.

I used to be all alone.

I would fall and no one would catch me.

But now you’re in every dream, strong and steady.

You’ve chased away the nightmares.

You hold my hand, keep me from the void.

You are the kind of crazy that keeps me happy.

Once I dreamed of dying,

And then all at once I was awake.

But every time I fell, a piece of my heart broke.

You have made my heart one whole.

You’ve brought me back to reality.

You have now taught me what it is to be alive.


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