The Winds of Change

I have been very excited for New Year’s. The weather is chilly,  the sky is bright, and we all have the chance to begin again. I had some amazing opportunities in 2013, and for the most part, excepting a little unwanted “gift” in November, it was an excellent year. I changed a lot, as is to be expected, and now I think it’s time for this blog to change a bit also. Instead of mainly focusing on writing (although my passion for poetry and writing has not gone), I will focus on the mundane and everyday life. The funny and strange things that happen to me. The heartbreak I experience. I will still write poetry and songs and write stories, but I will also add an element that I think is somewhat lacking in this blog: fun. I want this to be a fun, quirky blog (mirroring myself, which I know to be fun and incredibly quirky), and a blog that celebrates life in all its shades and colors.

So! I will be changing the blog theme and the blog name very soon. I hope that my fantastic followers will still find this blog as entertaining as it was before. There is still darkness and joy in my heart that must be brought out in the form of verse or story, so please understand that I am far from done, but I want this to be a happier place. I went through some of my old poetry and found myself getting depressed! So it’s time for a bit of change of scenery. A bit of fun, for goodness sake!

It’ll be another stage in the process, another chapter in my book. The leaves have changed, and so will my blog.

Here’s to another great year!


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