Northward On

The taste of Winter on my lips

A tingle in my fingertips

The quiet of the breaking dawn

Silent as I walk northward on

The smell of Nature’s sweet perfume

Ravens and their shadowy plumes

A chill that grips my trembling arms

As I pass rivers, fields, and farms

The fog of breath as I exhale

The desperate strength of passing gale

The crunch of dirt along the path

Avoiding Nature’s stormy wrath

A trickle of a wayward stream

The sun’s blinding, radiant beams

The smell of orchids at my feet

The slip and slide of slushy sleet

The trees are twisting in their place

Alive and well, with chestnut face

The beat of hasty eagles’ wings

A smile as I see these things

A place to rest in beds of grass

A Mama-duck with ducklings pass

I am alone with Nature here

In spite of that, I feel no fear

The thought of you, it keeps me warm

Among the fields, I’m safe from harm


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