Love and Hate, War and Peace: Valentine’s Day

I feel like we focus on romance too much on Valentine’s Day. It’s all about the flowers and the chocolates and the romantic gestures. But there is so much more to love than romance! And besides, for the single people out there, it’s like a knife in the side that’s being twisted around and around. Love is NOT all about romance–it’s about all of these things, too. Things I think we tend to lose sight of a lot.


What would we be without these things? We would be cold and inanimate. Life would be colorless! It’s these things that make the world a better place. By extending the hand of friendship, we establish bonds between us. By forgiving, we strengthen those bonds. By being devoted, we show our belief in those bonds. And by loving our friends and family no matter what they do, no matter what happens, we shine a little bit more light into the world.

“Love will carry you all lengths.” -Nancy from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens


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