Remember the time

When we were rained out

Of the pool in hot May

And we danced like fools?

Remember the time

When I fell so hard,

And broke my own heart,

And he didn’t see?

Remember the time

We stayed up till four,

Singing so loudly

We woke the neighbors?

Remember the time

I climbed that oak tree,

Fell asleep in it,

Then tumbled right out?

Remember the time

That I laughed so hard

I spat out my milk

And it drenched your coat?

Remember the time

We stayed up all night,

Out at the camp site,

Playing our guitars?

Remember the time

We broke that old lamp

And my Mother swore

She’d ground me for life?

Remember the time

We made one small change

And then ended up

Falling deep in love?

Remember the time

You knelt on one knee

And asked me sweetly

If I’d marry you?

Remember the time

When you woke me up

In the dead of night

Just to marry me?

Remember the day–

That hot July day–

I told you the news:

That I was pregnant?

Remember the night

You drove me so fast

To the hospital,

And our son was born?

But now that we’re old

And life has gone by,

I would understand

If you don’t recall.

Even if you don’t,

If all you grasp is

The look of my face…

Know that I love you.


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