Faded Fairytales

Once upon a time,

I used to believe in fairytales.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,

Rapunzel trapped up in her tower.

It was all so magical to me;

The stories took me to a different place.

You were there to read them aloud,

Voicing each character

As if they were really there in the room.

We played hide-and-seek

In Sherwood Forest,

And swam deep in the ocean

With dolphins by our side.

We were invincible, you and I,

Until the world weighed us down

And you stopped reading stories

And I became sad.

You stopped coming to my house

And I stopped picking up the phone.

All we ever do is argue,

So where’s the point in that?

I don’t read much anymore;

I no longer see the magic in it.

I stopped believing in fairytales

When you stopped believing in me.


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