Reaching across this distance

I can feel your heart

It beats as reassured

Like you know I’m here

You look inside my heart

Without looking at all

I can hear your laugh

All the way across the ocean

This distance can’t stop us

From falling in love

Over and over again

I hear your voice in my head

With every breath I’m more sure

That this love is for real

But I wish you were here

So I could tell you myself

I’ll stand here and wait

For a thousand years

If that will mean that I

Have one chance in a million

Of seeing you again


In the warmth of summer

I’ll call your name

And you at once will answer

Meet me in the middle

Of beautiful dream

And kiss my face

Tell me this real

Not just some fantasy

Of my lonely mind

Tell me you love me

And please, my love

Come back.


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