Poor Little Alice

Poor little Alice got lost in a land

Of wonder and magic and gardens most grand.

She followed a rabbit, with soft white ears

Into a great big hole that heightened her fears.

She fell and she fell, and got very bored;

“But do cats eat bats?” To the air she implored.

With a crash and a crunch, her fall did stop,

And the rabbit came passing by with a hop.

She followed the rabbit, down in the dark;

Her curiosity now was fierce and stark.

She lost the white rabbit, waistcoat and all;

She had to choose a door from the lengthy hall.

But the key that she found was awfully small,

And she soon found herself missing being tall.

She picked up a vial, of which she drank;

She waited a moment, and that’s when she shrank!

It was terribly curious, being small,

And she wasn’t sure that she liked it at all.

She realized now that she forgot the key,

To the little garden she wanted to see.

Then she spotted a sweet cake, round and soft;

She took a big bite and was boosted aloft.

Young Alice was crying, desperate for hope.

And then a grumpy doorknob told her not to mope.

But she cried and cried, till she was afloat

In a sea of tears, with a shriek in her throat.

She followed a Dodo far, far away;

And she met a large cat who showed her the way.

She found the garden she wanted to see,

Played a game of croquet with the monarchy.

“Off with her head!” Was the Red Queen’s fierce shout;

So Alice decided to get the hell out.

She ran and she ran, away from the guards–

The ones with the uniforms made out of cards.

Her eyesight was dim, her escape route far;

Then the poor dear collapsed, with visions of stars.

Alice woke up, with her head in the grass;

With her sister beside her, the tired lass.

Alice went home, with a dream in her hand;

She’ll never forget, her time in wonderland.


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