A Single Moment

“I love you”

I used to doubt those words,

Like I doubted true love

And all the bright, happy things

That came along with it.

But with you here beside me,

I finally feel

Like I can let go of the hurt

And the pain I’ve gone through.

You heal me with your touch

And lift me with your kiss.

You are a special kind

Of beautiful

That takes my breath away.

You break the shadows

With your cheery smile,

And take the grief

Out of my weary eyes.

When I am with you,

I feel as light as air.

Like I could fly away

And lie in the clouds,

Without the fear of falling

Or breaking my heart.

You keep me anchored;

You give me a home

And a person to love

And a reason to live.

You are a million reasons

Why I wake up happy,

Why I smile and why I laugh.

Six months ago,

I didn’t believe in true love,


Or love at first sight.

But in a single moment,

You have swept away the hurt

And replaced it with a love

So pure and so deep

That I find myself believing.


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