Into Chaos

Once upon a time,

I used to think that the world revolved around me.

But then I grew up,

And learned about loss and love and the things

That can break a girl’s heart if she isn’t careful.

But I was careful!

I tried my best to be a good little girl,

And do as I’m told, and not break any of the rules.

Yet somehow I still stumbled when I saw you,

On that hot Summer day, in the middle of July.

You threw everything I thought I knew

Into a river of uncertainty and doubt.

I should have known better than to follow

In your shadowy footsteps.

I should have been better than the girl I was

When you were around to watch me.

But I fell into chaos, into disaster;

You captivated me in a most terrifying way.

I watched my world spin out of focus,

And I lost myself in the act of loving you.


What did you think?

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