The Girl They Lost

The townspeople there

Were all comfortable and fat.

They had no great fears.

They gathered one day

Under the gray-blue heavens

To discuss the crops.

Then lo and behold!

Came a dragon, swift and dark,

With dire purpose.

The creature flew down,

Snatched up a young woman,

And then disappeared.

They searched high and low,

But, alas, the girl was lost,

And the people mourned.

Then they were drinking,

Getting comfortable and fat,

And they soon forgot.

They forgot the girl

Who had grown up with them there,

Who had loved them all.

Little did they know:

A plot was unraveling–

A plot to end all.

Had they saved the girl,

They might have just avoided

Their terrible fate.

But it was not so;

The townspeople were greedy,

And greed was their doom.


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