It’s always been strange to me,

The way you wake up with a smile

Pasted on your face.

When I am always grumpy,

Climbing out of bed with messy hair,

Angry at the world.

I have never understood

Why you sing so loud in the shower,

So proud of your voice.

I am afraid of singing–

Afraid that someone might just hear me,

And hate me for it.

And now it occurs to me,

The strangeness of our relationship.

Why did you pick me?

You could have had anyone–

Any girl in the world would love you,

And yet you chose me.

Me, with my endless ranting;

Me, with my ungrateful attitude.

I’m no good for you.

But somehow you still love me,

Fearlessly and with all of your heart,

Like I am worthy.


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