Captain of the Stars

The rusty colors of the sky are fading,

And a curtain of darkness falls over the sun.

Our journey begins just as it had last night,

And we sail far away, till the earth is a blur.

Up here in the sky we are lost in the grace

And the majestic beauty that is this venture.

To captain The Nightflare is such an honor,

A privilege that I will hold close to my heart.

There is no such feeling like when I steer her,

High up into the heavens, into the fresh, cold air.

It stings our faces and whips our hair around,

But we are too busy laughing to really care.

The beauty of this place is captivating;

I would stay here forever, if only I could.

But dawn must ascend, and we must set anchor…

So until tomorrow night, O stars, I will wait.


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