As If We Could Pretend

I’m fairly sure I saw you,

Peering at me through the shelves.

Your big green eyes were searching

But you didn’t say a word.

You disappeared so quickly

That I thought I might be wrong.

Perhaps it was the break-up

That caused me to picture you.

But now that I am seeing

You glower across the room,

I know that I’m not crazy–

And you really are in town.

Haven’t seen you since July,

When you told me I was wrong.

When you left without a trace,

Acting like I was hopeless.

Now here you stand before me,

So nonchalant and relaxed.

And as if we could pretend

That nothing ever happened.

But our love was not nothing;

It had meant the world to me.

Yet you walked away so quick,

Without reason for goodbye.

Our love was burning brightly,

Just like nothing could go wrong.

I never saw it coming;

It was a harsh wake-up call.

I recall how we once were,

Perfectly invincible.

So I ask you, here and now:

Why in the world did you leave?


What did you think?

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