Wrapped up in my shawl, I peer out the window;
There is something cold and haunted about this place.
I examine the dark, empty hotel room,
Try not to shiver as shadows dance on the wall.
Only seven more weeks before we can leave,
Before my mom’s archaeology job ends.
Seven weeks till we leave for the next city–
A new school, new friends–a new life completely.
I find this such a terrifying hotel,
But I should enjoy this creepy place while I can.
I should learn to love this town for its oddness,
Reclusive old inhabitants and grand decay.
I look out at the City park and see you,
With your dark stormy eyes and mischievous smile.
I don’t even know what I’m doing right now,
As I run down the stairs, in hopes of meeting you.
Somehow I find the courage to say ‘hello’,
And for some strange reason you introduce yourself.
I don’t understand why you like me so much,
But I would rather enjoy it then question it.
There’s nothing I’d rather do than sit with you
In the back of your Chevy truck, wrapped in your arms.
You have extinguished my desire to leave,
And now I wish this season could last forever.
You peel back the layers of my character;
I swear you can see straight into my very soul.
I feel like I’ve known you for a thousand years,
Which makes the thought of leaving almost shattering.
I know I linger here longer than I should,
But when you look at me that way I can’t help it.
I have said goodbye so many times in life,
But saying it to you just seems impossible.
You have shown me so many wonderful things,
Opened my eyes to the true beauty of the world.
I’ve learned to love this town for its grand decay,
But mostly I love this old place because of you.


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