Blue Painted Wall

The blue painted wall

Stands big and brave

In the center of the room.

It has seen the tears

And the anger, too.

It has watched the laughter

And the quiet tick of the clock.

It has watched children become

Older children, then adults.

It has seen pain and suffering

And all sorts of joy and love.

It has known many a coat

Of fresh, cheery paint.

It has even known what it means

To truly be knocked down.

It has been danced around

And leaned upon–

A beer was even spilled on it once.

It has been decorated,

Measured, altered, scrutinized,

Ridiculed and praised.

It is the center of the house,

The godfather of the living room.

It is the blue painted wall,

And it stands big and brave.

Sometimes I wish I was like the blue painted wall.


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