On My Forehead


45 degree angles,

And numbers squared;

Xs and Ys

Floating off the page

Of my notebook.

Cramming them into my head,

Trying to remember–

I just have to remember!

Studying long and hard,

Taking endless notes.

8X over Y equals twelve.

Ratios and examples,

Cross Products and proportions;

Postulates, triangles, and headaches.

Introductions to Trigonometry,

The law of Sines and Cosines,

Vectors and component forms,

The triangles in my dreams.

Tests that last forever,

And the numbers that bring me to tears.

Percentages that are never high enough,

A voice in my head says its not good enough.

Drowning in a sea of notes,

And failure.

Failure is a lie and a curse,

But it’s written on my forehead.

It screams at me and challenges me,

Dares me to beat it, just this once.

I tell myself that no test in the world

Can define who I am,

Or the amount of my worth.

And maybe I start to believe it.


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