A Fiery Wanting

My love for you is a bird: it soars high above the earth;

It fears nothing, only knows the world of the wispy clouds.

My love for you is a song: it rises above the noise of the people;

It echoes inside my soul and aches for something deeper, something more.

My love for you is an illness: a sweet sickness of the heart;

It is an itch: a deep pleasantness beneath the skin.

It is nothing I’ve known before: it is greater than life itself;

Without you I would feel nothing—I am a statue, lost and inanimate.

My love for you is a book: a tale so timeless it sears a brand on the very soul;

It is a great, majestic thing: it cannot be withered by time nor age.

My love for you is a word: a single word that lifts a thousand people into the sky;

It is a word that brings the seas into a boil, the earth into a dance.

My love for you is unfailing, the perfect kind of sickness that cannot be cured;

It is a curse and a blessing, the key to a life of struggle and of beauty.

My love for you is a voice: a calm, soft, whisper of a voice;

It is a thing that urges you to move, to understand, to have compassion.

My love for you is a tower: it cannot be brought down by force nor erosion;

It is a great and powerful thing, and it shall be moved by no one.

My love for you is a chord: it strikes up in the silence, and calms the restless soul;

It is a beautiful thing, far greater than any love I have known before.

My love for you is a tiger: a wild, rampaging thing that cannot be stopped;

It is fierce and uncaged, a thing to be both loved and feared.

My love for you is a flood: a deep, whelming river that gushes and flows;

It is a foamy, adventurous thing, and it cannot be blocked.

My love for is timid: it waits before you, shy, afraid of rejection;

I am humbled by your smile, and encouraged by your laugh.

I cannot hope to have you, you beautiful and wonderful creature;

I am exposed by your honesty, and riddled by your thoughts.

My love for you is greater than the loves you’ve had before;

A thousand promises I lay at your feet, hopeful and poignant.

You are the dream I’ve dreamt of having, the one I’ve always loved;

I have never known another who has changed me as you have.

My love for you is gentle: it a soft and feathery thing;

It hides beneath your crimson wings, and trembles beneath your gaze.

My love for you is a reason: a reason for the life that I live;

It is a beautiful, entrancing thing that has kept me waiting at your door.

My love for you is a blessing: it has brought me years of laughter;

It is a lovely, pleasant thing that makes me want for more.

My love for you is ardent, a deep aching inside of my chest;

It is a thing that longs and pursues, a fiery wanting on my lips.

My love for you is a shiver: a great inclination to know your words;

It is a terrible, frightening thing, for I have never known such power.

My love for you is a single breath: a fresh, expanding thing that gives us life;

It is wondrous and strange, a sweet finality that lends me hope.

My love for you is a heartbeat: a rapid thud inside my flesh;

It is a true and steady thing, and it shall not end till final breath.


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