Glass Pillars

Vibrant colors, bold, so full of quiet strain;

White canvass sprayed red, the color of your hair.

Voice like a whisper, soft in my ear at night;

Muffled piano chords in this dust and silence.

Lives change like the leaves: here one day, gone the next;

Colors not as bright, smile not as joyful.

We are glass pillars, fragile yet unbroken. 

Curse the erosion of ordinary life,

Curse the fraying edge and our still learning hearts.

We no longer fight; we prefer the silence,

The cold bitterness that now rules in our life.

The dark had crept in, while we were glad and full;

Now we are empty, and feel the weight of worlds.

We have faded off, mere shadows of the past;

Plagued by memory, haunted by what is gone.

Our color is lost, our love is but a sham.

What have we to do, but fade into the night?

Nothing we once were, and now are we again. 


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