Show Me the Sun

Tell me your secrets, open your mouth;

Let the lies and the truths fall on me.

Tell me your failings, open your mouth;

Draw the love and hunger right from me.

Tell me you love me, open your heart;

Let the long days of rainstorms start coming.

Hold me so tightly, don’t let us part,

For I am a lover of loving.

Tell me your secrets, open your eyes;

See all that has yet been before us.

Don’t keep me waiting, help me to fly;

Let our love be an echoing chorus.

Tell me you need me, don’t tell me lies,

For I am a delicate flower.

Do not break my heart, don’t make me cry,

Lest our joyfulness should turn sour.

Jolt me with purpose, write me with zeal;

Let me see the flame in your eyes.

Drown me in kisses, prove that it’s real;

Protect me from the sting of goodbye.

Tell me your exploits, show me the sun;

Take the good days and bad days in stride.

Show me your goodness–show everyone!

I’m undoubting with you by my side.


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