The Peddler to the Pretty Girl

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope it’s filled with half-torn zombies and bloody-chinned vampires galore. Or a least a Snickers bar, because what is life without a Snickers bar!? I wrote a poem especially for today titled “The Peddler to the Pretty Girl”, and I hope you all enjoy it. :)

The bones that you have are so lovely, my dear,

But what would you give to use them one more year?

Because I have things to make pain disappear—

Oh yes, I have things to make absent the fear.

What wonderful lungs—even better—a pair!

You pretend you don’t, but I know that you care.

There are things I could with that lovely hair—

There are things I could do that aren’t all that fair.

What beautiful eyes you are blinking, my dear;

They flash with spirit, though you can’t see that clear.

Your coat is quite torn and your dress is so sheer—

Yes, you wish you were there, but I want you here.

How lovely it is, the smile that you wear,

And such gentle eyelids, so perfect to tear.

But you would pursue a lengthy life somewhere—

Yes, I do consider this the perfect dare.

The deal that I offer is simple and true,

For I want to make quite the ghost out of you.

First we’ll start with your eyeballs and eyebrows, too—

They’ll call you a monster, but you’ll feel brand new.

Eternity held in the palm of your hand;

Feeling no fever while the rest turn to sand.

I’ll pluck out your fibers, every last strand—

I might have your body, but you’ll be quite grand.

Don’t worry about what I’ll do with your skin,

I’ll probably sew it, although it’s so thin.

The Princess of Fable, the Goddess of Sin—

In this deal, my darling, you see, we both win!


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