Catching Fireflies

The day I first saw him,
His words stopped me in my tracks.
It was a perfect moment,
Trapped in that smile, those eyes.
It was so like a dream—
Sudden and unexpected.
Everything, it all slowed down
Till I was stuck in place.
His hat tucked nice and low,
My heart a thundering bird,
He flipped things upside-down,
And he made the world anew.
But now it’s strange for me,
To have anyone so close.
In our youth we chase boys,
Just as we do fireflies—
Screaming and scrambling
To make them our very own.
But were we to catch one,
Tell me: what would we do then?
We’d fade without the chase,
Lose ourselves without a goal.
But what if they were red,
And glowing bright like sunshine?
What if he is different,
An angel come to save me?
I can only hope that
He will make me new again.


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