National Novel Writing Month: 2014

For those of you that don’t know, this year I’m trying my hand at National Novel Writing Month for the first time. It’s very exciting, writing at such a capacity every day. It’s stretching my limits, both mentally and physically. I haven’t been sleeping well these last 17 days, but oh well. It’s so completely worth it, to see such progress. I was nervous about this whole deal, about the pressure, but things have been going well. I haven’t had a total mental break-down. I’m not completely addicted to coffee….yet. As of today, I am 62% finished with my novel. It is such a thrilling concept, and the words flowing from my fingers (I type, you see) are not all terrible. So that’s a plus.

Besides, the cold weather has arrived! Winter is my favorite season, and I love to feel the chill in my bones. The bitter wind in my hair. Also: Christmas socks. Because Christmas is the most amazing thing ever to happen to this world. 20141116_160902

So I’m just going to curl up by the fire and write. In a perfect world, I’ll meet my word-count and go above and beyond my goal. (FYI: this is not a perfect world.)

If you too are participating in National Novel Writing Month, for the first time or the fifteenth, I would tell you to believe in yourself. The words are inside of you, just waiting to come out and bleed onto the page. Don’t doubt yourself or your abilities–you are doing this because you need to be. Because you have a story that needs to be told. You are stronger than any obnoxious word-count, even if you’ve fallen behind. You’ve got this.


What did you think?

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