Innocent, innocent, you think me so innocent

Me with the red lips and the blue eyes and the smile

Never daring to do anything unexpected

Always so obedient and docile and kind

I’ll do whatever you say, I promise

And I never break a promise

I could never do anything unexpected

My entire life is planned out by the minute

Not one of you sees past my curved little smile

And my big, blinking eyes

But you don’t see the cigarettes, I suppose

Pressed in the silver ashtray I hide in my room

And you don’t smell the alcohol

That still lingers on my breath

Hidden beneath mint toothpaste and pearly-whites

And you don’t know about the men

With their grey eyes and black suits and blacker souls

No, I guess you couldn’t know about that

I’m good at playing innocent

I’m good at being so good

And as long as I keep this curved little smile,

You’ll never know my secrets.


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