Some Days

Some days, I suppose

We could all use a glass of sweet iced tea,

And a weathered old cheek to kiss;

A warm leather sofa to lay down on,

And a good old Elvis song.

Some days, I suppose

The world isn’t all roses and sunshine,

Full meals and laughter.

Some days it’s politics and pin-cushions,

Rage and fire and hell-bent crazies

Intent on burning the world.

And what can we say to that?

We can give them a sleepy yawn,

Eyes already filming over,

And take our naps in the sunshine.

Pretend it’s happened somewhere

Not quite as close to home.

Or I suppose, some days,

We must put on our war-paint.

We must stand up for what matters,

And for the people that we love.

Some days, I suppose,

There is no more pretending—

No more hiding behind locked doors

And pretending someone isn’t on the other side.

Some days we just have to face it

And hope that we’re strong enough.

Some days we simply must have faith.


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