Fated for the Stars

I was made for bright stage lights

And nightlife and music

Playing far too loudly.

I was born for beauty in the darkness

And lilting voices and dancing

Till my feet are throbbing.

I was destined for laughter

Stifled in the summer heat of August,

And smoke-filled rooms

Filled with nothing but strangers.

I was engineered for love,

But broken by the people

And their carelessness.

I was meant for angels

Yet somehow found my place

Among the green-eyed demons,

And though my heart beats true

I could swear to you

It’s made of naught but stone.

I was fated for the stars

And the velvet stretch

Of darkness in the sky.

I was made for rolled-down windows,

And melted ice-cream cones,

And smiles broken on my mouth.

I was meant for pretty words,

Those little shards of glass

Embedded in my skin.

I was made for breaking down

And screaming at the top of my lungs

Like everything is wrong.

And I do, I do, I do…


3 thoughts on “Fated for the Stars

  1. Lovely. Really nice lines throughout. These ones caught my eye: “I was engineered for love, / But broken by the people / And their carelessness.” “Engineered” is a great word choice. Seems in contrast of what we might think of love as. It has a very mechanical feel to it, but also shows an exact purpose we were meant for. Nice work!


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