The Devil Never Forgets

You’ve got that hair, so full of red

A whirring mind and a weary head

But none of this can save your empty heart

And I’ll be there smiling on the day you fall apart

You’ve got those eyes, so full of hope

But what happens if I snap your rope

And set your entire world to a blazing fire

Till that hope you used to know becomes your funeral pyre

I’ve got these hands, they’re red with blood

And all your tears have become a flood

As you realize just how dark I have become

And you’ll sell your soul back to the devil for a hefty sum

And when, my dear, you’ve lost your fight

And the world’s no longer black and white

Let’s see if you can still say you don’t care

And when I’m on the other side, I’ll see you there

You’ve got those lips, those rosy thorns

You realize the devil has no horns

No, she’s pretty and proper and dressed all to the nines

And when you’re bleeding out, she’ll say that you are fine

And when, my dear, your love is lost

And it all came at a bitter cost

You never thought would be there in the end

They’ll spit in your face, the ones that you once called friends

And on that day your Fate arrives

And evil is a thing that thrives

I will look you in those gorgeous eyes

And let hellfire rain down on our heads from its place in the skies

And I’ll remember each and every little lie

For the devil never forgets the angels who carry knives


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