Life Blood

Shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you;

I shouldn’t listen to your lies.

You think you do, but I really doubt

You see the madness in my eyes.

There’s so much more inside of my soul

Than I will ever let you see.

You think you know, but you’re just guessing

To what all is inside of me.

You peek, you poke, you prod, and gesture

But I won’t give you what you want.

You think that you can break my body,

But my life-blood you’ll never staunch.

The things that you say are lies, and worse:

Once I almost did believe you.

Your falsehoods have lifted like a curse,

And now I know what’s really true.

I have never fought back, never won

But now I see it all so clear:

You were always the scared one;

You were the only one with fear.

And now I stand atop the tower,

Overlooking this hopeful place.

I guess I never really noticed

Until I lost sight of your face.


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