When the Mask Comes Off

The mask comes off in the summer rain–

It’s pouring, and you feel insane.

You’ve lost the love, replaced by pain,

And you’re drowning in the summer rain.

Your heart breaks down in the early night.

The grip of wanting is so tight,

You feel like you just could, and might,

Be swallowed up by the early night.

But the truth, my dear, is you are strong;

You won’t be lost amongst the throng.

You’ll find the right when all is wrong,

Now go and uphold that you are strong.

For the mask is just a curtain, drawn,

And you shall be nobody’s pawn,

I swear, my dear, you’ll see the dawn.

You will go on, you will go on.

And so when you see that lighter day,

When you have found and made your way,

Remember what I said today:

You shall be the Queen of that new day.


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