Adam and Eve

Come out of the darkness and into the sun;

We all sit and bleed but pretend that it’s fun.

Can’t see in our eyes that we’re all going down

With the sun, with the earth, with this lovely town.

It’s all fun and games till somebody gets hurt;

We act like it’s golden, but, darling, it’s dirt.

And all that we see is just starlight and pain;

We act like there’s something that we could still gain.

There’s beauty in darkness, I know that it’s true;

You hide behind stone walls so know one knows you.

We were so perfect, till we needed to feed;

I guess the real problem came down to our greed.

There’s something profound in the way that you grin,

The way that you smile, you laugh, and you sin.

They couldn’t have realized that we, you and I,

Were the reason that fire rained down from the sky.

That we were the cause for the plague, for the drought;

Our selfishness led to their going without.

I guess that they couldn’t have known we were damned;

But now it’s too late, there are lines in the sand.

There are wars, there are battles, that we must wage,

Lest all of mankind be eternally caged.

I’ll leave you this warning, for good or for ill:

It all will come down to a matter of will.

So let the flames burn and the battle begin!

And perhaps one day you shall atone for our sins.


One thought on “Adam and Eve

  1. You write amazing poems :) Your rhyming skills are par excellence. The poetry makes me feel something and it’s a good “something”. Excellent job.
    I wonder if you’d mind checking out my blog, too? :D


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